Expedited Cap, Gown & Tassel Unit (LOP-MAY)

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We will deliver this product before graduation.
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Graduation Cap, Gown, and Tassel Unit as chosen by your school. 

This expedited Cap, Gown & Tassel Unit is non-refundable and will be delivered to the school before graduation.


Cap & Gown Shipping, Timing & Product Availability

Cap & Gown Units are delivered to the students at the school, in the spring, and will NOT be shipped directly to your mailing address. The Cap & Gown Distribution dates are determined by the school.  The date and time of this distribution period will be communicated by the school and (when possible) also via email from Moments with Class.  Check your school’s calendar for distribution dates - many of them take place at Graduation Rehearsal.

If you are ordering AFTER your school's distribution date, you will still need to order here and choose shipping as your shipping method.  Caps & Gowns will still be delivered to the school for distribution and not shipped to your home.

If you do NOT see your school below as an option, we have already completed ALL of our deliveries and shipments.  We may or may not still be able to get you a cap & gown, but you will need to contact us to check.  *ONLY IF YOUR SCHOOL IS NOT SHOWN BELOW DO YOU NEED TO CONTACT US ABOUT AVAILABILITY.  Thank you!

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Expedited Cap, Gown & Tassel Unit (LOP-MAY)
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